Friday, October 28, 2005

Can’t wait…

…to finish calculating grades.
…to watch ChunHyang (could it be the ending already??).
…to finally call it a day.
…to sleep.
…to go home for the weekend and the holidays.
…to go to church and recharge.

Got to remember the third session for Rabipur on Sunday…Ohhh, needles again! >.<

Monday, October 24, 2005

Dog bite hurts...

Indeed. Huhu…I got one in my thigh last Saturday night.

My cousin gave birth to her second child. The baby is such a cutie—a big, healthy baby girl. Me and my sis-in-law went for a visit. Leaving, a few meters from my cousins’, the dog suddenly showed up, without even a single bark to warn us. It simply bit me. Well, I would have chosen to be the victim since my sis-in-law is pregnant—thus vaccines would be perilous to both mother and child.

Now, I have to bear this pain. It hurts whenever the wound is bumped. Really ouch!

I am scheduled to have a few more shots in the coming days…Oh, I don’t like needles!

Thank God for His healing...

Nights of Obsession

And so, Friday night came. After the worship, Pastor Mark signaled that it’s time to take the floor. I did my part and thank God I had a positive reaction from my audience.

I’d say I got a very attentive crowd. The message was fluidly delivered and I think I hit the mark. To God be all glory!

Before I closed, I shared a personal testimony. The reaction was overwhelming! Haha! Sis. Arlene…love life??...incomprehensible! They were all wondering who the person was…to their surprise it’s….[I’ll keep that to myself]. XP

Sunday night, we had the assessment of the service. They were all teasing me calling me Joyce Meyers. Pastor Mark said my outline was like I’ve been preaching for 20 years! Haha! But they are all commending the message. Praise God.

Psalms 37:4
Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give the desires of your heart.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Now na!

Help me, Lord.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Natapos ko rin…At last!

Finally, I have sent a copy of my powerpoint presentation for tomorrow to Pastor Mark. Now what I need to do is mastery of the subject. Haay…

It’s a great privilege to be given an opportunity to speak to young people; this is the first time I get to teach. Hindi ako presider ngayon, ako na yung teacher. Which is a lot different. I would really need more prayers for tomorrow.

I forgot to include a poster in the slides. Sayang! Should I put it in acetate, anyway? Nakakahinayang naman.

Trivial pero I don’t know what to wear for the occasion. Syempre I should look presentable naman but not compromising comfort. No way. Ano kaya? Hmm….

Ayan na, inaantok na naman ako. Dami kasi nakain from Kamay-Kainan. Blow-out ni Mam Dol. Haaah, me-me na (lullaby)

Bukas na. I offer this to You, Lord.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Thank God!

I’m almost done with my subject. Just the powerpoint which I will work on tonight and finalize tomorrow morning. I really need to send a copy to Pastor Mark. He sent me a message today saying he really needs it ASAP. I know. Oh Lord, thank You; I’m almost through. Just a little more polishing.

Now, I really need prayers. I will have to speak in front of more or less 200 young people on Friday. I pray that God would cover me the whole time. Nothing of me and all of God. Please pray for me.

What’s the topic? RESPONSIBILITY. The theme would be 1 Timothy 4:12. It has a personal ‘call’ on me; dwelling in this topic. I’ll post an entry on this some time soon.

Right now, I have to study and review. Send the fire, Lord.

Jesus, I trust in You. Amen.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I don’t want to entertain the idea that I’m cramming my preparation for the exhortation on Friday. I may have been so lax in the past days but actually, I’ve been occupied by a lot of things. I know I should have prepared earlier; this week should be the mastery period alas, that’s not the case. Oh, I have to finish it before Thursday!

I have a couple of topics in mind, but I still have to check on the relevance to the event. I always believe that a personal testimony is effective; a sense of ownership and tangible example would make the message easier to grasp. Should I do so? I will definitely decide tonight—I have to!

Pastor Mark is expecting my text this week to come up with the powerpoint presentation. I think I will just make one for myself and email it to him before Friday.

To date, the average attendance of “Nights of Obsessions” is around 200. This Friday will be the third night. Lord, let Your blood cover me; hide me behind Your cross. I pray that Your Spirit move amongst the young people and Your Presence be felt amidst us. Thank You, Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Monday, October 17, 2005

The usual…unusual weekend

Saturday was quite ordinary, only that my ate is not home until almost 8pm which made the day incomplete. Dinner, the world’s back to normal.

I came home with only my father and my youngest sis around. Well, technically that’s the case since my other sis is on her way to school for an exam. So I decided to cook my ‘specialty’ so to speak, since my friends and housemates commend my recipe. I asked Nene to buy me the ingredients and so the cooking came to pass.

Lunch. Nobody seemed to notice my dish. Well, at least my youngest sis dared to comment. “OK lang.”

Bale, dinner na namin yun nakain. Everybody’s home and I’m really excited to see their reactions. Mantakin mo, sabihin ba naman, “What’s this, cornstarch? How does it supposed to taste? It’s practical tasteless.” Great! Thanks a lot. My friends are addicted to this dish and now, my family—my beloved home—says they better not eat it. Oh yeah, I will not cook again! *sniff*

Well, Sunday is the most exciting day of all. Of course, it’s Church day! I love going to church, especially giving praises to the Mighty God. He’s a wonderful and loving Father. Thank you, Jesus.

At the youth fellowship, Pastor Aries led the exhortation for us. He asked me if he could share during our meeting to talk about a practical topic. He shared about responsibility or rather, how we are expected to be responsible persons. The discussion dealt mainly on students. Surprisingly, he mentioned about ‘us’ as examples. How me and my siblings made it to go on despite our father’s grave accident.

That life story can’t be contained in this single entry. But again, I can’t help but shed some tears as he was telling my group of our hard times. They should learn from us and see how privileged they are now. I wouldn’t want anyone to have the same ‘hardships’ we’ve had just to finish our degrees.

Thank God because that instance made me reminded of God’s blessing to me and my family. He’s been so good to us—allowing us to stand that storm. Thank God for His mercy.

I missed Sunday’s dinner—fell asleep, but am happy anyway. Tonight, I think I’ll have a great time watching SSCH. Haha! I can’t wait for this episode.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Women and Gender Issue

I had no idea what CEDAW stands for. I am almost completely lost listening to the presentations of all the presenters and speakers in the seminar. At least I learned relatively a few after the end of the first day. CEDAW is actually, Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.
I was asked by my Director to represent the Center in a two-day seminar on the said issue. We have not grounded on the topic and my boss is interested to pursue this. She said I will be the Center’s focal person as we embark on this field. Pwew!

And so everybody’s talking about the rights of women and other concerns alike. Representation from the three branches of the government and in the non-government sector completes the assembly. I happened to made ‘friends’ with the director of the Local Government Academy. Going home, she drove me back here in the office. Haha! Salamat po!

The issue on women’s rights, violence against women, gender inequality, etc., I believe, boils down to the issue of respect. Abuse and discrimination are manifestations of disrespect and inability to see the other person as equal. EQUALITY, alright. It’s a broad issue; I agree. I feel privileged to be a part of this few people who were consulted to address the concern.

It’s great news that God is a just and loving God. People may not gain the kind of respect they ever wanted but in the eyes of the Lord we ARE equal. I can settle with that. This equality in turn subjects us to specific tasks and duties we are designed to make. Our Maker is a genius Creator and we all are formed according to His blueprint. Let’s work accordingly.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s sessions. I hope I get a better grasp of the subject.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Room 206

It’s my first time to eat [not-the-business-type] lunch with [most of] my officemates. Wala lang, since everybody’s officially in the same room now, eating together is possible. It was though we’ve been regular lunchmates. Nakakaaliw din ang mga kwentuhan.

Still working on these papers and documentations. Medyo marami talaga and time-bound. I hope to finish at least one today. Haay….

I’m currently transferring all my files in this computer. Let’s see, umh… almost an hour to go and it’s all placed here. Tagal, I started almost before ten and what time is it now??

I noticed that time slips fast in this room. Honestly, it’s like you just move a little away from your computer and next thing you know, an hour was over. I have to keep up to be productive!

I still can’t find those batteries. I know I put them in my drawer last Friday but looking for it yesterday, it’s gone. Where could it be??

Will be going home after work. Nobody’s staying in KNL tonight. Dear Lord, keep our house safe.

Last, our office has a little secret. As in, SIKRETONG MALUPIT.

Monday, October 10, 2005



Yes, I'm officially transferred in the adjacent office. I'm gonna miss 205 for sure, though it's a door away. I still have a lot of adjustments to make, esp. with this computer. Haay, things are a little different in here.

The dreaded Monday report is over. Haha! We didn't actually presented the report, but still I managed to come up with the papers. I thought I ain't gonna finish! Imagine, it took away my entire weekend, reading the floor deliberation in Congress. Goodness! Glad it's a little pressure now.

Maybe, will make a better updating when time is more generous. We are load (to the nth exponential term) with this hectic-time-bounded study report before the year ends. That will really take our time and no more lax moments...

Friday, October 07, 2005


7 October 2005

Here I am. In a cold room of NCPAG 301. A proctor for the final exams of PA students. I missed breakfast today and I’m starving. Too bad I can only eat after the next class is done with the test [LUNCH!].

PA 121 – 31 exam sheets
Note: May tatlong pasaway dito; ayaw pang mag-pass.

10:30 AM – the next class took the test.

Romero, Laurie –121-A: Took the exam at 10:43 AM; came to UP at 9:30 from Bulacan

11:00 AM Talagang gutom na ako! Sayang wala dito yung cel, di ko tuloy ma-text si Aidz na dalan man lang ako ng food. I’m starving! Sayang ang hopia baka…. =(
One more hour to go….

15 more minutes and the exam is over. HOPEFULLY. Please no more extensions….I might pass out. Only three students had turned in their papers so far. This exam is very comprehensive, if I may say so.

Most of the students don’t show sign of being through with the test. Looks like I will have to give them a grace period. 10 MINUTES. Please not more than that or else I’ll get hyper-acidity. Oh well, it’s 12 noon alright.

Mas maraming pasaway sa class na ito. 12:15 na! Kinakain na ng malalaking bituka ko ang mga small intestines ko.

Ayaw ko na! Pag hindi pa sila nagpasa by 12:20, kanila ang mga blue books nila. Hmp. Grabe na ito!


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Medyo disturbed ako ngayon.

Must read --> Article on Filipinas. I share the same sentiments.

6 Oct 2005 || Masyado na yata akong affected ng Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang. Aba, bothered talaga ako knowing that CH will be deprived of a university education simply because of misunderstanding! I think that’s the worst thing you can do to someone who’s poured her life to achieve a decent education! [missed it --because somebody else screwed up.] Wawa naman siya. Shattered siguro ako if that ever happens to me ::WAG PO:: Deserving pa naman siya of all people to be in that school. ::HUHU:: Imagine, all her life top one from the ranks tapos, can’t enroll ‘cause lacks money for college tuition!. Grabe na ito! Hindi ko talaga ma-take!! ::WAAAAAAAHHH::

[Quote] Marvin: Hindi ka ba naging masaya nung magkasama tayo? Sa opinion ko kasi ginawa ko naman ang lahat para sa iyo. Ang totoo nasasaktan ako ngayon kasi alam kong galit ka sa akin. Ano ba talaga ang ginawa ko? Bakit kasi ayaw mong sabihin?

::SIGH:: [Sayang, hindi pa niya nare-realize na mahal na pala niya ang “asawa” niya.] ;'(

Sabihin mo ba yan sa akin? ::melts::

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Si Volvieras A Mi

Josh Groban

Si Volvieras A Mi

¿Como sobrevivir?
¿Como calmar mi sed?
¿Como seguir sin ti?
¿Como saltar sin red?
Con ese adios tan salvaje y cruel
Me deshojaste la piel
No hay eternidad en final se quedo
Y un desierto es mi corazon

Ay si volvieras a mi
Encenderia el sol mil primaveras
Si regresaras por mi
Seria un milagro cada beso que me dieras
Pero hoy te vas
Y no hay vuelta atras

¿Que habra despues de ti?
Mas que estas lagrimas
Si hasta la lluvia en el jardin
Toca musica sin fin
Sombria y tragica
Hoy de rodillas le pido a Dios
Que por el bien de los dos
Algo en tu pecho se quiebre al oir
A este loco que se muere de amor

Ay si volvieras a mi
Encenderia el sol mil primaveras
Si regresaras por mi
Seria un milagro cada beso que me dieras
Pero hoy te vas
Y no hay vuelta atras

Y desataste un huracan
Fuego y furia de un volcan
Que no se apaga
Como olvido que fui
Esclavo de ti
Ya no puedo mas

Ay si volvieras a mi
Vida ay si volvieras
Si regresaras por mi
Seria feliz otra vez
Pero hoy te vas
Y no hay vuelta atras

If You Would Return to Me (ENGLISH)

How to survive
How to calm my thirst
How can I continue without you
How can I jump without a net [to catch me]
With that farewell so wild and cruel
You hurt me to the core
I remain stuck in time
And my heart is a desert

Oh if you would come back to me
The sun moves through a thousand spring times
If you returned to me
It would be miracle with each kiss you give me
But today you’re gone
And there is no turning back

What is there after you?
More than these tears
Like the rain in a garden
Little music in end
I could try but I would fall
Today I say “goodbye” on bended knees
That by good of the two
I sense the emptiness in you
I’m crazy that I am dying of love

Oh if you could come back to me
The sun moves through a thousand spring times
If you returned to me
It would miracle each time you see me.
But today you are gone
And there is no return for us

And, I am an undone hurricane,
The fire and fury of a volcano
That doesn’t turn off
I was like a fine wine
Slave to you
I am no longer able

Oh if you come back to me,
if you come back
If you returned me,
I would be happy once again
But today you are gone
And there is no turning back.

Note: English Translation I got from grobania.

Very sad song. my favorite of all Josh's. Beautiful music.

::: Spanish mode: ON :::

Rants en español

Deseo fijar algo en este blog pero apenas no puedo elegir qué escoger. O apenas no puedo encontrar uno. O estoy demasiado ocupado realmente hacer una entrada. ¡Waaah! Soy confuso. ¡Haha!

Tuvo que hacer el lavadero ayer por la noche. Acabado aproximadamente la medianoche doce; finalmente colgar el pedazo pasado sobre la secuencia de las ropas. Pienso que voy a trabajar en las hojas y las mantas de cama esta noche.

¿Qué a mí deseo entonces escribir? No sé. Soy justo busy también con la transcripción de esta documentación y de mis daños del oído. El deseo I podía acabar hoy. Oh por favor...

Un pensamiento apenas ahora cruzó mi mente: Deseo un gato persa. Mirada muy linda y maravillosa. El dios es maravilloso y sus creaciones son brillantes.

Necesito prepararme para el exhortación en el vigésimo primer. Todavía no tengo asunto a discutir. Sé que mi problema es gerencia de tiempo. En la noche, el tiempo pasa demasiado rápido y estoy teniendo problemas cuándo programar mi estudio. ¡Debo comenzar esta noche!

Español tan cerca de mi lengua; la mayoría de nuestras palabras se prestan de ellas de todos modos. No es duro entender después de todos.

Realmente debo comenzar a aprender esto fluido. Suspiro.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005


was thinking of posting bits and pieces about my [Filipino] culture. Might start posting tomorrow. We’ll see. Anyone interested?


Monday, October 03, 2005

3 October

First Monday of the Month

Ang tagal na agad ng huling update ko. Monday morning at antok na antok ako! Nakakaguilty pero antok na antok (as in) talaga ako! Haay…

Flag ceremony today. Dr. Nestor N. Pilar is a cute, ‘young once’ man with a lot of humor. He looks too strong for a septuagenarian. He talked about population and aging and natural disaster. The MC summed up his message to: Aging is a natural disaster.

Yesterday, Pastor Aries gave us a powerful message. The fruit of your lips determine the life you live. Speak with declaration and victory and thus will happen to you. Henceforth, speak of blessing all the time!

And at the Core meeting last night, Ate Euge told me that our dear adviser thinks me and Red are love team. Very silly! Not one of us ever thought about that. How come that idea crossed his mind! Was it because we go home at the same direction? It’s a major joke. This young man is calling me ate [older sister] all the time! And I am an older sister [a year older] to him. Haha! We’re all laughing hard learning about it. People think differently; no question about it.

I really want to sleep. Soy cansado [Spanish: I’m tired].