Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Goodbye, Pete! :'(

February 2004-November 27, 2006

Last Sunday, something terrible happened at home. Our dog, Charlie, bit our pet duck, Pete. I think it was really bad; Pete was so traumatized. He jumped off the creek and we only managed to catch him with a big net dipper. After he was saved, he ran off the yard and would not let anyone come near him.

I had to go to Manila that night, so I did not see Pete before I left. Last night, my sister told me that Pete cannot be located. They were searching all over and could not find him. My brother was out late in the dark to look for him. I felt really bad. I was so worried something worse had happened. Could not help but cry. This morning, she said they found Pete—dead.

This was really an accident; Pete should've not gotten near Charlie. The dog does not know him; we did not raise Charlie, so he's not familiar with the other pets. Charlie hates our cats, chickens, and of course, our duck. It has been a culture in the family that all pets know each other--by this I mean, they live in harmony. Our dogs naturally won't mind sharing its food with the cats, neither with the chickens nor a duck. The history is, Pete grew up living with our old dog Bunso. They were best buddies. Unfortunately, Bunso got sick and died. Pete thought he could befriend Charlie, perhaps because he's a dog, but that's impossibility. Since the day Charlie came, Pete always comes near him. Alas, Charlie was negative. We tried to bar Pete from getting near, but Pete would always find ways. And Sunday was the day I feared the most for Pete.

I named him Pete because he has three flipped feathers on his head like that of Peter Pan. It is so cute. Pete likes to play with everybody; tag game is his favorite. He is also very naughty; when you're not looking, be ready for a mischievous bite from this stubborn duck. At times, he terrifies children! Funny! We all love Pete.

Pete has been with the family for more than two years and had his fair share of fame from the pet lineup. He's what was left of the 15 male ducklings my father tried to raise for past time. He's certainly one unique duck who thinks he's a dog! He even sleeps at the doorsteps. So stubborn yet so cute. What I like about him the most is his ability to respond. Pete is very smart. He knows his name. Whenever he hears you call him, even if he's somewhere else, he will certainly respond with a "Quack!" and then tries his best to get to you in a flash! He's really adorable!

I told the sad news to my other brother who's away. He was so depressed; same with everybody in the family. I could imagine how sad my nieces will be when they get the message. My younger brother and sister recorded the burial rites; the other pets were there, too. My father orchestrated the event. I'm going home tonight to know the details.

I really feel sorry about this loss. It reminds me of losing my cat, Musang. So sad. We will miss you Pete. Goodbye.

Friday, November 24, 2006

back to office

we have just arrived from another training we conducted today. it was tiring but a lot easier today than the previous ones that we had. As always, I led the invocation. I got a tap on the shoulder form our Dean, saying that was a beautiful prayer. Thanks! I just made sure that as I pray, I communicated with God. Praise to the Lord.

We have so much to do until the end of the month. I'm working on the terminal report for the national congress i did last month. hey, this one's tough. I'll be submitting the report to the funding agencies and it has to be neat. Also, I'm still working on the Policy Reform Agenda Brief (PRAB) on Indigenous Peoples. This is actually the cause of my headache. i pray that the Lord would grant me enough knowledge and perseverance to finish this paper. I wish to finish it today. And also, right now I'm working on the documentation of the training/workshop we juat had. Pwew! Talk about report writing.

Next month, I believe our calendar's a lot freer. Most of our schedules has been moved in January. Hallelujah! Maybe we'll have our Bangkok trip pushed through come December. It's almost two years delayed. I want to keep my fingers cross for that.

Oh, Happy Thanksgiving to my friends out there!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

bad dreams

I had another nightmare last night. It was almost 2am when I went to bed. I’m working on several papers that need to be finished; brought home a load of readings. I finally declared I have to retire from the readings; I took my Bible for the scriptures. After a short prayer, I turned off the lights and head to my pillows. The moment I closed my eyes, there’s like a surge of electricity that ran into my body, I felt numb and could hardly move. My mind was awake but I have no control over my body. Then, I heard familiar voices but this time they were speaking quite weird things and laughing hard at my ear like the ones we hear in horror films. It’s happening again. I had the same experience before. It felt like my jaw was locked I couldn’t speak. I was praying in my mind and called on the name of the Lord. I finally was able to say “Jesus”. I thought my roommates heard me but they were sound asleep. Each time I close my eyes, that numbness happens. So I said, Lord, I’m tired. I really want to go to sleep. I turned on the lights and finally found a good night sleep. Thank God.

Friday, November 17, 2006

The Embassy experience

We went early (before 10am) to come ahead of our 1:15 interview at the US Embassy in Manila. We had not met the officer until 3:45 pm.

So much for the much-anticipated interview at the embassy.

We are confident with the scheduled interview since everything we have is TRUTH. Anyhow, the Lord was very gracious to spare us from the possibility of error (due to jitters) during the interview. To our surprise, the embassy officer readily approved our application; He did not even care to see our other documents. The officer had no plan on seeing us one by one as well. Pastor Mark insisted. The officer barely said, “Hello” and that was it. With me, we had a very short talk:

Officer: Hello.
Me: Hello, Sir.
Officer: So, you are one of the performing artists?
Me: No, Sir. I’m the editor of Branded by Fire, the MYF Newsletter. I’m also one of the core leaders of MYF.
Officer: Oh! Thank you.
Me: Thank you, Sir.

That’s it. The shortest interview I ever had in my life. Afterwards, we were told to retrieve our passports with visa. Haha!

I'm pretty sure there's divine intervention right there!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006


And the Lord's hand was before us; we found favor in the eyes of the embassy officer. We got our visas!

Thank you Lord. And thanks to all who prayed for us. This is the second miracle for this trip-to-US saga. The first is Bayside Church's invitation; next is the US visa approval; and we're praying for the third miracle: God's provision for the airfare.

We have a big God. He gave us two miracles in a row, i know He'll provide the third one. Amen!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Tomorrow's the interview for our visa application. help us in prayer. thanks.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Lord's reply

credits: www.heartlight.org

Last night, the Lord once again showed me His abounding mercy and grace.

I called home to check how they are doing. At the back of my mind I'm still struggling with the idea that I might not send my sister to nursing school this semester. You see, I support my siblings' schooling; two in college and one in high school. This semester, I was short in my budget and could not meet this semesters' tuition fee for my sister. I really don't know what to do. I just prayed and left it to God.

And so, my sister told me a lot of happy things. It was great to hear them. Then I asked, "What if you only have this much, could you still enroll?" She replied, "Don't worry about me, Ate, on Friday I will enroll. God provides."

I couldn't contain myself. Tears of joy instantly rolled down my cheeks. Just when I badly needed the Lord's grace, He sustains. Praise God!

And all praise and thanks is to you Lord, my Faithful Provider and loving Father.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Interview Schedule

Finally, we are scheduled for an interview at the US Embassy in Manila on November 14. Please pray that our visas get approved. This is our major step to be able to attend the Thrive 2007 Conference in California.

Thanks a lot!

God bless!
antok na antok ako ngayon..haayy...

Thursday, November 02, 2006


It should be worthy to say here that after the long preparation, hard work, heartaches, stress, and plain busyness, the Congress finally closed as a huge success! Everybody was commending us with the outcome of the event. Praise God! I remember, a week before the Congress, I almost quit my job! That moment was just overwhelming it felt like I'm going to explode. Thank God for making me calm amidst all troubles.

I just want to say thanks to everyone who helped me get through this Congress. To all the prayers and support: Thank you! I feel like a better person today.

Anyway, life goes on. Right now, I'm working on another big project--bigger than the Congress. This time, my participants will come from all over the Asia Pacific, A Regional Conference of Academes. Pwew! Makes me think the Congress was just a guinea pig. We'll see.

I better eat a lot now.