Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A day made early

I decided to wait across the gasoline station by the diversion road for the bus going to work. Not more than five minutes later, I saw the bus and found a good seat. (Two things: I didn’t wait for nearly two hours to get a ride plus I didn’t have to suffer standing on the bus with people from all sides bumping on me.) As the bus rolled, some more passengers came in, until more than a handful had to stand. Then clambed a lady with three children: one boy, around seven or eight; a girl, about five; and a toddler, not more than two years old whom she carries in her arms. There were no more seats available and without second thoughts, I called her attention, stood up and gave her my seat. There were several men with (good) seats who chose to ignore the lady and her kids. I don’t have the heart to see mothers standing especially if I could do something about it. Before I got off the bus she thanked me at least twice. And her smile was enough to make my day.

Thursday, May 22, 2008




Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


The start of the month is simply very special and memorable. On May 1st, we had our all-church swimming. A lot of my church mates joined and enjoyed the day of fellowship. It was so much fun! The little ones had all the excitement as well. Everybody loves the water. It was a thrilling, awesome day. Thank God for a beautiful day of fellowship with the brethren.

May 4th was Tatay’s 62nd birthday. We really made the most of the day. Our church mates came and celebrated with us. It was truly a blessing. My sister-in-law from the north came home and brought our youngest niece, Althea. She’s such a character! Ate Ester is really good in the kitchen. I was tasked to manage the kitchen had she not been around. God is all-knowing and sent her. Haha! Everybody brought his/her appetite! It was a blessed day.

May 4th was also Oscar (De La Hoya)’s non-title bout against Steve Forbes. Since we had an occasion at home, I wasn’t able to watch the entire match. I had a good view on the later rounds nonetheless. It was a unanimous decision. I’m (very) glad that he won especially that it was held in LA, his hometown—in a football stadium of 27,000 seating capacity. He said he’s preparing for two more bouts before the year closes: one in September, a rematch with Floyd Mayweather, Jr., and in December, versus Miguel Cotto.

In the afternoon, brethren from Friends of Jesus International Ministries in Makati came and had an outreach at church. They also distributed Old and New Testament Bibles.

Sunday evening was the most exciting time for me. My friends from the MYF came to greet Tatay. Kuya Arnel, Red and Apple came!!! We had so much fun. We stayed in the kubo and chatted a lot! I had time to really TALK with them. I miss having just plain friends’ day with the group. It was unfortunate that Ate Marie did not make it. We will schedule a get-together before we leave for the States.

On Wednesday will be Jai’s birthday. I’m still thinking how to give her a blast.