Friday, March 30, 2007

Tan's a graduate!


It’s my lil’ sis’ graduation day. I decided to go straight home and check on things back there. Got home at 11:30am and made sure Tan and Tatay were all set for 2pm. My brother, sis-in-law, and niece and nephew (Agape & Aaron) were there too. All of us went to Tan’s school to drop them off and went to market to buy something for dinner—chicken with pineapple, pork nilaga, melon juice. It was a simple family gathering yet I was so happy. It’s exciting to see Tan prepare for college.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

One down!

I had a major accomplishment today, but I don't feel like rejoicing. We are meant to finish so many other things and fortunately, I would only be working on one [although this one means 20 days of different outputs to process and analyze :'( with 702 responses each! ] which I hope to finish before the holy week. ToT on Values and Ethics is out, but the Bayview report is still hanging.

I should be excited because my little sis is graduating this Friday. I am happy for her yet, I still don't know if I can go home on her graduation. I hope I can.

I wish the office would be more sensitive to the staff right now. There's some resentment going on.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Barrera vs. Marquez bout

Mexican warrior Juan Manuel Marquez and champ Marco Antonio Barrera grapple for the WBC super featherweight title Saturday night (Sunday morn in RP) in Las Vegas.

That’s enough reason to stir a crowd in our house—as you know, I belong to a family of sports lovers; especially boxing. I skipped (actually, just ate late) lunch to watch this match. I’d say this one’s good!

I think pound-per-pound Barrera has an advantage; his jabs are excellent—solid and connecting. Marquez’ punches are swift but seemed not connecting which made Barrera looked invincible and unaffected for the first six rounds. You can hardly tell who won every end of the round. These two fighters exchange punches every time it’s the last 10 seconds!

The more exciting round is the seventh. Marquez was a blast. Just a few more punches and he could have brought Barrera to canvass. Surprisingly, Barrera hit him on the chin followed by another blow which landed Marquez on his knees. Unfortunately, the referee called it a slip and deducted a point from Barrera for throwing another punch while Marquez was down. That hurt Barrera a lot. I was counting the low blows Marquez gave him and I think it was three or four. The referee did not acknowledge that.

The next few rounds were quite in favor of Marquez although I’m convinced that Barrera can make a comeback. If Marquez wins, maybe not with a big margin. After the twelve rounds of boxing, the judges declared a unanimous winner—Marquez as the new champ.

Poor Barrera. He was tough. If not for a wrong call, I’d say there’s a chance he could have won the fight. Marquez is a good fighter as well. Anyhow, the decision can be challenged because of the call on the slip.

Another beautiful match. Perhaps a rematch will be in the oven soon.

Now I can’t wait for Oscar to be in the ring again. The date is May 5. By then, I know my heart will skip a beat.


I decided to separate my ‘desktop water plants’ into two vases. A friend gave me a vase and so I was delighted to act right away. To my surprise, the plants weave their roots together and I don’t see any nice way to separate them but to really ‘hurt’ them both. Now what? My old vase is very small and could hardly accommodate them. I’m torn!

I’m sorry I have to do it. I did.

Ok, I was successful and I think there's little damage (if not none at all) than I expected. Great!

Monday, March 12, 2007

I survived!

We finally finished the dreaded 20-day training vis-à-vis 10-day training simultaneously happening in two separate areas. We couldn’t imagine how it happened anyhow, thank God it’s over.

Now I’m working on processing the outputs. This one’s another monster. I pray for strength and wisdom.

I need to finish all my reports this week. We are expected to do field work in the regions next week. This sure is a tough job!

Here’s some update on the US trip in April. It’s too close!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Still at work

Today is Sunday, 10:50 pm and I'm still working in the office.

(Listening to the same song for a 100th time.)

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Today's a very good day. I had the liberty to update my blog since we got out of the training earlier than usual. Great!

1. I'm thinking of writing... again.

I used to scribble short stories, essays and poems when I was younger. I know I had so much to write then but I didn’t put in ink. There’s this one story I made back in my senior year in college which took me one whole notebook to finish. One day, a name just popped in my mind and I can’t recall how or where I encountered it. Then it dawned to me it was the main character in my short story! Haha!

I can think of so many things to write in Filipino. Actually, I made my version of a legend and my friends were convinced and persuade me to submit it to our local TV network that airs children stories. Haha! I love to write in my language.

I wish I could find time to write despite my toxic sched. It feels good to share your thoughts.

2. Today's my little bro's 19th birthday! My sweet little bro will no longer be a teenage boy in a short while. It's too swift!

3. My desk plant is growing pretty well. She’s lovely. She has a new sprout and looks very healthy. I’m glad. Her cousin is looking good, too. I enjoy watching them grow and add leaves day by day.

4. My baby sister will graduate in high school on the 30th of this month. Amazing how these kids grow too fast! She’s 15! She’s preparing for their Seniors’ Ball next week. I’m so excited! She looks lovely in her gown. She wants to curl her hair so I’ll take her to the parlor on Sunday.

5. I miss staying home longer but I’m really too busy right now. I won’t be home until Saturday night. I miss chatting with my father.

6. Work is so pressing. I had to save some sleep.

7. I wish to read new books too.

8. I pray that our finances will be met for the US trip. Keep praying for support. Thanks a lot.

9. Hope I can update more often.

10. God bless!