Thursday, September 29, 2005

On purpose.

Wala lang, kung minsan ewan ko ba kung ano nangyayari…. Nanliliit ako pag naiisip ko, halos nanlalambot ang mga tuhod ko. Nakakahiya talaga. Ba't ba kasi...Kuuuuu.....



Just finished another forum; as expected, I had to lead the invocation while Aidz sang the anthem. Talk about being stereotyped. And not to forget the registration and certificate distribution. Huh!


Thursday. Tomorrow, Friday. Almost end of the week…

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Back to business.

So much of the josh-kdrama-friends online-realm; I need to face the fact: work in progress. We had a fine [for lack of word] trip to the Congress Archives yesterday but need to go back this afternoon for more documents. Huh. Deadlines are deadly.

Data gathering is easy but analyzing data is the bloody part. POLITICAL WILL. What a concept.

Three months to finish the report. Too much work; too little time. Very hectic schedule for [almost] a full-blown project. Lord, give me the strength and wisdom.

The preparation for the Youth Conference in December is currently running since inception. I was appointed to be the Assistant Overall Project Manager/Overseer of the event [yes, I mean the 5,000-youth conference] and the work is tremendous. I’m Pastor Reggie’s second [wo]man now, and it means a world of responsibilities. I now it’s tougher than I could expect plus that my [professional] work runs at the same time—also in a three-month critical period. Lord, I pray that Your hand be with me and make myself useful in your kingdom. Help me pursue this service for You.

I would appreciate your prayers. Thanks. Thank God for Phil. 4:13.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Finally! XD

The most awaited [surprising!] phone call from Tita Pressy is received! Talaga nga! Kanina lang kausap ko si Tita sa phone!!! Very unexpected! It was funny how we actually talked! HAHA! Nakakahiya talaga but all the time I was really laughing as in halakhak! Bwahahaha!

Sobra, imagine, I never answered a call from abroad before [pathetic ba?]! So, gulat talaga ko. Anyway, iba talaga pag kapwa mo Pinay; may kakaibang connection that binds —kahit pa it’s the first time we ever had ‘personal’ communication (tawagan talaga). Kasi naman magka-email lang kami noon, ngayon, kausap na!!! Huh! I’m still overwhelmed!

I really appreciate her taking the effort to know me more personally. Para talaga kaming magkamag-anak niyan! Ngayon nga mas may guts akong tawagin siyang Tita; pinoy na pinoy ang dating; related to everybody! Haha!

I had a good time listening to her on the other line; parang kung pwede lang sana mahaba-habang kwentuhan! Chika galore eka nga. Take note, talagang payat nga ako; imagine, sa dinami-dami ng pwedeng pag-usapan, it still diverted to my being a thin girl. Totoo naman kasi, at least I’m gaining weight now little by little.

Again, thanks Tita! Masaya ko that you finally contacted me.
Hope you have a great winter ahead of you. Kaya niyo yan [ang lamig!]

*overwhelmed and happy*

Monday, September 26, 2005

Quick entry.

Work related. Was asked to document the meeting this morning with the consultants and partners of the project, together with Chair Abalos of COMELEC. After lunch, I am terribly sleepy. Zzzzzzzzz…. Was already up by 4:30 AM to avoid the rush of commuters on a Monday morning. Haaah *yawn*…zzzzzzzzzz….

Well, going home this PM still. Another meeting; actually the start of the Staff [Training] Meeting for the volunteers in the upcoming Youth Conference. This is really tiring. Thank God I enjoy what I’m doing. Strength comes from the Lord. All for Jesus!

Pastor Mark gave me an embrace yesterday. =) I love this man. He’s really God’s servant. He said I was supposed to give him something. I said, “Give what?” “An answer!” he said. “Oh!” I smiled and said “Yes!” He was very happy. I would love to remain in the team, of course. I have committed a huge part of my life to MYF and am not going to quit now.

Thank God for another successful outreach yesterday! Go MYF! Glory to Jesus!

Friday, September 23, 2005

missed call!

I had this unexpected message from Tita Pressy yesterday. She was asking my phone number so she may call me the following day. She said there’s a 16-hour clock difference between Manila and Canada and she plans to call during my office break. Yes, that’s an international call! Shocking! Well, I thought she was just having this drastic impulse to call and so I was hesitant. But she insisted. She sent another message and said I should be expecting her call by lunch time. So I did wait. Unfortunately, she tried to contact me using the trunk line and had a hard time connecting since she forgot my surname and what department to find me. Haha! Sayang naman ang tawag niya!

Well, technology amazes me. Imagine, thousands of miles away and yet be able to connect with the people on the other side of the world! Wonderful!

I wish next time we can talk and at last hear each other. We’ve been sending emails for a while now. Don’t worry Tita. There’s always a second chance.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

>> mAiLs << =D

A normal morning routine, checked my emails and found two interesting letters from friends. One’s from Sis. Agnes and Bro. Karl in Princeton and another from Tita Pressy, also in Canada.

It’s not yet winter, but the night temperature is down to almost zero and frost. Sis. Agnes (she’s 71 years old) said she had a big garden again with a lot of root veggies to harvest. Broccoli’s the best!!! Her little Hannah, now two years old, is already a big sister. Paul and Naomi, had a new baby last July 9, a boy named Samuel Elijah, and they moved in a small city on Vancouver Island to Church plant. A baby boy—I like that! I wish my sister-in-law’s baby is also a boy! I already have four nieces.

Tita Pressy really surprised me. She sent three letters today, asking my phone number. She wanted us to talk—personally. Hey, that’s expensive! I said I wouldn’t advice that since it’s not cheap plus, we can always communicate through emails. After all, she may contact me when she goes back in the Philippines. Maybe she just misses another Filipina’s voice. She’s been a western citizen for the longest time.

Mails are pretty exciting to read. Especially from people you care about.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

September 21

Most Filipinos remember this date as the dreaded "Martial Law", the date when authoritarian rule was officially signed to be executed in the Philippines. That very date, September 21, 1972, my second eldest brother was born. And today he's 33 years old.

Happy birthday kuya! We're blessed to have you in the family. We pray for your happiness!

My apologies.

I went to jane’s blog and read her recent entry –her disgust on people who doesn’t know how to give proper credit (for things ‘taken’ from them—via net). At times I’m guilty of this (pictures- most of the time), just that I suffer forgetfulness badly! But I am more conscious now on matters of this sort. But I still owe apology to those people whom I discredited in the past. I’m sorry. I am more conscious now. And thank you for your wonderful works.

I could breathe better now.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

time to update!

yesterday's post!

Saw Oscar Dela Hoya for merely two seconds yesterday *sigh* He was on Chavez’ side. Details on my other blog.

I didn’t get to see the whole boxing fights yesterday. But the match between Barrera and Peden was too intriguing, as if the Australian (Peden) was under MAFIA. He did not punch at all. He looks tough, he’s a champion himself and the fight was a unification bout, but did not throw punches. HOW COULD YOU WIN BOXING WITHOUT PUNCHING?! Alas, he could have taken Barrera by KO if he fought “real”. His right hand seemed deadly. At some point it seemed something was holding him back to offense; he just received every blow from opponent and still managed to finish it to round 12. What a pro!

It was a ‘disappointing’ match, I should say. Sayang naman, his crown was taken without properly fighting for it. I don’t know.

And, we had lunch with Dr. Lester Salamon of Johns Hopkins University and the PNSP Consultants and writers. Good lunch, Pampanga delicacies at Sulo Hotel. Sayang, we missed the Japanese foods.

Got to be home early tonight for another meeting about the Conference in December. This time we’ll meet with the CMCB, about 40-50 pastors, to talk about the linkage and support with this project. God bless us.

Nothing follows.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

picture! picture

Han Chae Young

I think she's very pretty!

WOW! Adorable!
[My loyalty is with SHK though!] XP

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

mY jOsH & TitA pReSsY!

That smile is killing me!

David Foster (Josh Groban’s producer) and Friends (that definitely includes My Young Baritone!) held a gala last September 10th in British Columbia. Tita Pressy has been telling me about this since May (I think?). And so that day came and she went to the concert! The best part is, she had a picture with him! She sent a copy (see picture). Awesome! Josh in person?? Oh my…

She said she couldn’t believe how sweet and friendly this young man was. When she asked if she could take pictures with him, he instantly grabbed her waist and gave out a smile. Very, very gentle man. Like most grobies say.

*Sigh* Wish to see him myself, too. Soon.

Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang


This one is hilarious! Hahaha…
*scratch* wonder how the episode will be tonight??

I don’t think you can make me watch heavy dramas anymore! Laughter is the best medicine!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Proud to be Filipino!

To summarize:
I love it when I see Filipinos giving honor to the land--in thoughts, words and deeds. Last weekend was a blast! Thanks to Bautista, Viloria and Pacquiao! Mabuhay kayo!

Once again I heard the lines that made me chill: "MABUHAY, PILIPINAS! MAHAL KITA, PHILIPPINES!" Thanks, Viloria, you made me even more proud of you!

God bless you, heroes! Soar Philippines!

*very happy*

Friday, September 09, 2005


Learned a new [Korean] word today…

Everybody seemed to be referring to Matthew as Ajushi…. Only to find out it’s (actually) “ajeoshi” which means, mid-age Korean man or possessing ajushi-like traits, not necessarily referring to age.

Hmm... I wonder if I’m officially acting like an ajumeoni (opposite of ajeoshi) like most people say. *sigh*

am tired *yawn*

yeah... very tired. *stretch*
it's almost weekend anyway. ^^

got to see Sweet 18 tomorrow! i know it'll be a great episode!
>>i'm good with predicting stories<<

A great weekend to all! *waves*

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


got this from Enoch...

"the test of the ministry is not how much work you accomplish... is that you are still able to keep your walk with God in the midst of the busyness"

Thanks. I should always be reminded.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Great weekend!

Yes, it started last Friday night after attending the seminar that we sponsored in the MYF. On our way home, my youngest brother said he’ll dropby the mini-carnival on the park to meet my other siblings. My youngest sister said she wants to go too and insists that I go with them. So I did. I found out that my older brothers (I already have 2 brothers married) were there together with their families. I texted my older to sister to come and she did and –ola! That was a wonderful time spent!
Take note: I finally gave myself a ride on the carousel. I am so fulfilled!

Saturday nights are really fun nights at home. While having supper, we started the debate AGAIN---for the nth time---on ANIMAL-FISH-BIRD-INSECT category! Haha! I have new evidence to support my claim, i.e. there is a different category for a national fish, national bird, national animal… so they are not the same! My ate [older sister] is so confused! Hahaha! It was really fun!

Sunday night, I went for another meeting in the Core team. We’ll be more occupied now planning for the conference in December. 5,000 young people---that's quite a number and needs not minimal preparation. I have to attend tonight’s meeting with the pastors so got to be there by 6pm [means leaving the office atleast by 5:15]. I’ll be going home on a Monday evening exclusively for that meeting. =)
Let Your will be done, Lord!

I want to commend the Japanese government for recognizing the ‘special persons’ through sports. Last weekend I watched a clipping of the ‘Special Olympics’ that was held in Japan wherein a lot of ‘special persons’ from different parts of the world were given a chance to be participants in the event. It really brought tears to my eyes; I am really overwhelmed by the humane act of Japan to give credit to our mentally-challenged brothers. Well, I say thank you for that. I share the same sentiment. I salute you!

Friday, September 02, 2005


The man or woman who delights in, recognizes and encourages the BEST in others is a joy to experience. Perhaps there is no finer gift than the ability to sincerely validate another person.

There is always something GOOD to be found in another. We are often in need of personal connection and affirmation and there are many critics in life but few celebrators. Celebrators are those special people who can, with a word or touch, affirm the worth of another. Wouldn’t we rather add to beauty and joy of the world than subtract from it?

When we celebrate the worth of others, we make our own ENERGY and ELECTRICITY. The people who know us will want to stand on our line to have their goodness exposed and we will find ourselves surrounded by FRIENDS who bring us their BEST.

In other news....

I get to proctor two examinations this morning. Pwew, the students will really stretch the time! I understand, I've been there. The thing was the room was too hot, the aircon doesn't work. I was like, "Oh my, I can't breathe." plus, I didn't bring water so was 'dehydrated' the entire morning.... Oh well....


And here comes another weekend...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Yuletide Season begins today!

Ha ha, it’s September! Christmas is in the air!
Merry Christmas everyone!

:Starts count down:



You were born with DIGNITY and WORTH that no one can take from you.
Not even you can take it from your self!
You are a PRECIOUS and UNIQUE gift.
There has never been nor will there ever be anyone exactly like you.
Life does have meaning and it is your task and challenge to discover it.
You have an IRREPLACEABLE contribution to make your family and society that no one can make for you.
Your life can make a DIFFERENCE if you let it.
Don’t let concerns about physical attractiveness, intelligence, money or the growth and changes you are going through get you down.
The key to overcoming the ups and downs
Of these feelings is to “BE YOURSELF”
And not pretend or strive to be someone else.

“There is one thing we can do better than anyone else; we can BE OURSELVES.”
~William Arthur Ward