Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kendo: New-found Love

I'm not sure if I had written anything about Kendo in my blog as of yet. Nonetheless, I purposely didn't put this entry on my 'Favorites' page; I wanted it here in the main blog. Why? I just feel like Kendo is not like some craze that I will eventually outgrow (which hardly is the matter with most of my faves, surprisingly), but something lasting and, hopefully, permanent.

I am fascinated with Martial Arts in general; my own father is a practitioner, for one. I didn't learn from him though, since he decided not to teach any one of his children. Too bad. But I have grown to love sports and films that involve martial arts of sorts and physical strength in the very least.

When I was introduced to Rurouni Kenshin, I fell in love with the sword. Not only have the characters become alive to me, but the genuine interest to pursue the art of swordsmanship was born. Unfortunately, it was just a wishful thinking for the longest time; I didn’t have any idea how I will get to learn the art, I simply do not have any access to any knowledgeable person nor do I have the time and resources to pursue it. That was until I met my Sensei.

At this age (well, I’m way past the time of one tireless teenager!), it didn’t cross my mind that the dream of being a Kendoka can be given a chance. My classmate and friend in graduate school brought me to the Kendo class late in July this year. There, I met Igarashi Koji-sensei, the 5th-dan Sensei of the IGA Ken Club. Now, here, I can claim that it was love at first sight. The moment I held the shinai in my hands, I knew I would want to keep it.

So, for the last few months, I’m actively coming to Kendo class a beginner/trainee. To be brutally frank, I hold the undeniable position of being the slowest, sloppiest and helpless student in class. It’s especially embarrassing being with mostly teenager classmates. But with all honesty, I’m enjoying every second I spend in Kendo. I have the most wonderful, understanding and highly capable Sensei. My sempais are nothing but supportive at the very least. I enjoy the atmosphere in class. The discipline is simply creating a great ambience for personal growth –in mind and body.

I have so many good tales to tell about my relatively short involvement in Kendo; perhaps in another entry. But right now, I just want to tell the world that I am very happy to have found a new love… Kendo.

Thank you, Lord for the chance to pursue one of my dreams.