Friday, April 20, 2007

Coming to America

We are all set for the US trip come Monday, April 23. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for us as we embark in this journey. We wish to bless our brethren in the US the same way they blessed us in our ministry. Also, we want to share the Love of Christ to all of you. God bless you!

Thank you Ate Pauline for all the help in preparing for the trip. To my best buddies Teeny and Aidz, I couldn't thank you more. I love you. I hope to get that signature, guys! Ate Lyj has been so wonderful since day one. Thanks for taking my plants in custody. I'll miss you sis. Sir Keith, I’m really looking forward to seeing you there. I got your number. See you in May.

It's a hotta-hotta summer here in the Orient. Got to prepare myself for the temp in the West.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Currently listening to Oscar dela Hoya (Yes, he’s the boxer who sings too!). It’s in Spanish. I was playing around with the lyrics; those that seem hard to understand I look up in the dictionary (thanks to babel fish). Then I got excited and tried typing my complete name—(given name, my mother’s family name, my father’s family name) inside the box. ¿conjetura quĂ©? A Joseph-syndrome! My name in literal Spanish translation means I rule my family! Great! Haha!

Pinay of the Family rules!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Late this semester, I helped a group of nursing students with their research study. Just a while ago, I received a short message from one of them. She said she got a high grade from her Research class. She thanked me for the support and effort given them. That made my day. Thanks, Jhen. Keep it up!


I showed Tan's grad pic to my officemate. It opened the door to some sharing about how we go about with our family. It was really sentimental and I managed to keep composed. She was so inspired of our story and said she'll share it with her kids. Thanks.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nanay's birthday

April 10

Today is my mother’s 58th birthday. The last time she celebrated with us was six years ago; before the Lord finally called her to rest. She was a lovely woman and I’m ever grateful to be her child. Her memories are cherished forever.

My Mother

Who was it that risked her life that she might give that life to me?
Who was it that braved a thousand storms that shelter I may be?
Who was it that rocked me in her arms that I to sleep might go?
Who was it that loved me all night long yet never let me go?

This was a verse from a poem I read from a very old book in our grade school library. My classmates and I were cleaning the shelves then and the book was so worn out that I believe the teacher resolved to put it away. I really couldn’t remember who wrote it nor was the rest of the poem yet these lines strike me the most. I guess it was not very hard for me to recall after first reading since it’s a perfect description of my mom.

And may I add…

She wears the sweetest smile that calms my troubled heart.
She walks with grace and confidence that makes me stand all odds.
Her lullaby is the best melody that plays in my ear.
The song she taught has been on my lips each time I had to sing.

Her joy is like a fountain that could not be quenched.
Her eyes tell me that life is full of blissful surprises.
Her memories can bring to life all happiness and triumphs.
I could not care for anything else whenever she holds my hand.

From her I learned selflessness and sacrifice in its truest meaning.
It was for her that I learn to dream and understand how to be fulfilling.
Respect is earned and love is priceless but to her those are abounding.
She is someone I proudly call mine and hopes others had one.

I love her and I love her more everyday!
Truly, mothers are heaven’s gift!
Mine is the best I received!

The child who knows how to love is the one who was loved.’ I miss her so much. Happy Birthday Nanay!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

TV day for me! I did not get a nap; I watched tv! Tomorrow is a holiday and I plan to do my ‘other stuff’ by then.

Funny because whenever I’m away from the keyboard, I have tons of things to write. Why is it that whenever I face the pc, everything seems to slip away.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


I started off slow—still. Got myself a dose of John Grisham and stopped at about a hundred pages left to dig. It’s getting pretty exciting. Checked my phone at eight quarter and found a message from Bro. Mark sent 6am. Angela from Bayside wants us to sign up for particular sessions in the Conference—which we’ll do online. Bro. Mark wants us to drop by the office to do so. We have practice in the theater arts on Saturday; I said I would get there an hour early to do the assignment.


It’s Black Saturday. It’s very unusual for me to be home with all—at least just one left out—my siblings at home. The eldest down to the youngest, with the exception of my brother Pastor, are all here. Everybody’s busy now at the kitchen preparing lunch as I type this.

I can’t think of how to best spend my remaining vacation except for finishing my book. Hmm, I guess another option will be, get more sleep.

It’s quite dull outside. The sun is up but is hidden under the clouds. I’m not an outgoing person so I don’t have much to do in mind. I guess I’ll check on my files later after lunch.


After lunch, prepared for my 2pm appointment at the MYF office. We will be choosing from a list of choices the topics we want to join in during the break out groups in the Thrive Conference. I did not choose Lincoln Brewster, he’d be speaking in the assembly anyway. I picked Developing Your Speaking Voice, sounds like speech class; People and Organizational Development; Scars are Tattoos of Better Future, among others. We had a practice in the theater arts afterwards and I got to do some challenging roles like a condemner and a lesbian. Haha, I sure had a hard time acting the latter. We’re still preparing for another short skit which we’d practice on April 15th.


Finished the book after lunch. Did not sleep until 12:30 midnight. O-ow!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

We get to enjoy a long weekend as the holy week beginning Maundy Thursday is declared a non-working holiday.

The day passed as is. It was 10:30 am when I got off bed and felt good about it. I’m looking forward to more sleep in the coming days. I was at home before the sun was down yesterday, and that was amazing. It was different. I’m used to coming home late and, being there before dark was a surprise. I like it.

Today, was able to focus on my third John Grisham book. Did not find myself a copy of The Pelican Brief so I dug into The Firm. It’s good. Though I find the first two as more suiting my taste. Or maybe it’s too early to tell since I’m just halfway the book. But don’t get me wrong, it is a really good one still.

At four, the brethren were here for the mid-week Bible study. Our neighbors came too. It was a short fellowship and fun one. Everybody had a good time.

I would still work on the book and hopefully finish tomorrow. I should have brought another book at home too, say The Rainmaker or The Street Lawyer. Guess I will indulge myself with John Grisham books until we get on the plane.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

restful weekend


It was a restful Saturday for me. Have not had such long hours for myself in a long while! Finally, I’ve finished my second John Grisham book, A Time to Kill (I read The Client back in college). It was a great read. The author is really building on the characters. I like the way he described the setting, very vivid. I’m enjoying every page as if I’m watching it onscreen (have not seen the movie though). It’s beautiful. I hope I can start with a third book, The Pelican Brief.

After Saturday night practice, I went to Bro. Mark’s place as promised. He was asleep at 7pm! Yeah, he sleeps very early and wakes up in the wee hours of morn as part of his discipline. I left the thing to his nieces Shek and Sarah.

When I got home, my cousin Julius was there! He came home for the graduations (his siblings are also graduating). I love him so much; he’s my best buddy. We practically grew up together and spent childhood as pals. Since we went to college, we barely see each other and very seldom that he could make it on special occasions. I was so happy to see him. He said he really waited for me to get home. It’s been a practice that whenever he’s in town, he visits us. I’m glad he did. It was a joy.


I was the song leader for this first Sunday. My lineup was all worship songs: Psalm 19, Still, Spirit Touch Your Church. Sunday service was over after the communion.

After lunch, I got a text from my niece who’s been away (in Tarlac) for a year now. Oh, I missed her and her sisters so much (Geng, Jing, Ayeka). It was a fun exchange of messages talking about everyday things like viands, what’s up for the moment, school, etc. Then finally she said, “Sige po, I love you.” I replied saying how much I love her and missed them badly. I could not help but cry. Even now as I type this, I’m still crying. I love all my nieces and nephew. I miss my Geng so much! To be honest, I have a very special affection to Geng. Perhaps because she’s the first in her generation in the family. I’ve always thought of her as my own. I’m so attached to her that I feel bad toward my brother for taking the kids away (They moved to his in-laws and enrolled the kids there.). And Sunday afternoon was like, “I want to see my kids back”-syndrome for me. It was too bad they can’t make it for the summer break. Although Jing said she will be home this summer. I really wish to see them soon.

At 3pm, we went to MYF’s outreach at Hiyas Convention Pavilion. The theme is on witchcraft and other deceiving media of the enemy. The theater arts had an excellent performance! To my surprise, they used To Where You Are as one of their main songs. Beautiful!

So I went straight to our apartment afterwards for another week ahead.

Today is Mhes' birthday. Happy birthday, mare!