Thursday, June 02, 2011

“Little Sisters Theory”

Just recently, my 20-year old baby sister had found delight in teasing me into something we both know does not exist. Last weekend, I had to endure another unlikely scenario courtesy of my 25-year old little sister.

Old habits die hard. Since we grew up as playmates, even now as adults, we can’t help but continue the tradition. So, last weekend, my little sister and I decided to play modified Jack en Poy/ Bato-Bato Pik (a.k.a. Janken or Rock-Scissors-Paper). We saw this version in one of the gag shows on TV where the player grabs the other hand of the opponent (sort of keeping it trapped so as not to be able to run away) while playing. This is mainly because the loser would get smacked on the face right there and then. It was supposed to be something fun. My 23-year old little brother was there watching us with much enthusiasm.

So begins the game. I was so much itching into throwing a ‘scissors’ when at the last moment, dropped a ‘rock’. My little sister said she wasn’t really sure how she landed with a ‘paper’. All three of us seemed like in trance for a moment. In a split second, boisterous laughter filled the room.

I guess we all thought that there’s no way I’m going to get smacked on the face. Nevertheless, I loss so came ‘PAK.’ To my dismay, the punishment was done a little more forceful than intended due to excitement. My little brother’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets in disbelief. Then came another round of laughter. My little sister readily released her trapped hand and ran away. I asked for a chance of redemption—a rematch—but she never agreed. That glint in her eyes though makes the humiliation doubled.

So last weekend, I got a hard smack-on-the-face and was laughed at by my dear little siblings. Should I modify the theory into “Little siblings could be cruel” instead?