Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What’s up and coming?

  • We have an all-church swimming day on May 1st. I’ll be going home tonight for that.
  • It’s Tatay’s birthday on Sunday. We’ll be hosting lunch at home. I invited a few friends to come over. I hope Apples can make it.
  • I’m planning to experiment on a new dish. Finally found a recipe on the net. If it goes well, I promised to cook some for my officemates. Wish me well.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I'm trying to recall some of the major accounts of "our [my] life" in my Filipino blog, not only for nostalgia but also, because those times magnify the goodness of God in our family. Looking back relives the memories and emotions in every event. But above all, it was a testimony of God's faithfulness and love.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Upset Tummy

I went to work this morning and right before I could get off the jeepney, the attack started. I literally dragged myself to walk an extra 50 meters and get to the second floor of our building to find our office. It was so painful. My officemates readily look for something to ease the pain: Tita Nors and Ate Lyj went out to buy some meds; Cha gave the pink stuff from RB; I had to drink hot water, etc. I thank God that by this hour, I am well already. Thank you, Lord. And thank you, guys.

Friday, April 18, 2008

something funny today

I saw something funny today on my way to work and thought of submitting it to Reader’s Digest site. After I clicked the “Submit” button, here’s what appeared on my screen:

Thank you, Arlene!
Your submission makes 20,918,366 jokes, quotes and funny true stories received to date.
So far we've paid $25,424,875 to RD readers! If we decide to publish your submission, we'll send you a check!


It’s like a routine for me in the morning to check my mails and some sites where I have personal accounts at. I checked one this morning and found out that there is this article about US visa application that linked my blog specifically quoting one of my entries. Whoah! No wonder my visitor counter has been shooting up lately. Anyway, hello there!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Something to ponder

My nieces are watching the cartoons Spongebob when I came in. The characters are talking about getting rid of something that was 'special' to Spongebob. I like what the Krusty Krab owner told Spongebob:

"Sometimes, we have to set things free even if it's hard." ~ Mr. Krabs

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Manifesting emotions

I believe there is always a reason for change. It may lead for the better, sad if it’s for the worse. But there are reasons. At least one.

Anyway, I cut my hair. Short. Why? I have three things:
1. It’s long. I always wear my hair long but now it’s been LONG. I had my haircut two weeks ago but it didn’t seem to make any difference. This time, it’s different.
2. It’s hot. Summer is simply getting into the lifestyle of people. At least shorter hair may lessen the heat for me.
3. I made a tough decision recently. How many of you know that one unique reason why women cut their hair is decision making? Yup. It’s an emotional thing besides anything physical. It was really tough for me, emotionally-draining, that I had to resolve into cutting my hair—short. I thank God that it’s over and that He favored us and made everything clear. Thank you, Lord.

Well, just blogging.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

In Memory of Nanay

Today is my mother's 58th birthday.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

lost post

This entry should be posted here instead.

A happy weekend

Happiness is a general feeling I have whenever I go home. But this weekend was more than just being happy, it’s matched with joy and gladness. I got home early on Friday and took my nieces to have their hair cut. It was a lot of fun bonding with the kids. Everybody liked her specific style. Cute!

On Saturday at practice, we tried a different setup for worship leading. I asked Mac and Aina each to sing solo. Plus we had all the singers upfront facing the congregation. It didn’t take a lot of adjustment. Plus the instrumentalists were good.

On worship day, the first thing in the program was the tambourine dance presentation of the little girls. Oh, I should have recorded that! It was awesome. Especially seeing the little ones enjoying their dance offering to the Lord. It really sticks to memory. And their planning on doing more of those. Good job, teachers!

In the afternoon, we watched a series of Filipino fighters in WBO matches. All of them won!

Sunday night was our meeting at the MYF office. God has showed me another miracle that night. Praise the Lord. Talk about that more on my Leadership blog.

Monday is my extra day-off. Yes, I did the laundry. But I’m glad I did.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Long Weekend Break

I'm heading home now to Malolos. It's exciting because I get to enjoy a long weekend again--Monday is a holiday. I hope to rest a bit this weekend. Anyhow, I get a feeling I'm gonna work on some housechores waiting for me. Oh boy....

Have a great weekend, everyone!