Friday, March 31, 2006

Sem-ender fuss!

It's almost the end of second semester here in UP. I'm busy preparing students' grades (right now, just the undergrads). No, I don't teach here; I'm a URA, yet I assist my Director (who is a faculty in the university) in her teaching tasks. She teaches and grades students but I process the grades--the meticulous side of teaching. Right now, this is what's eating up my day.

I'm almost through--just a few columns my boss has to fill. Grades of graduating students must be submitted on Monday. I have to finish all these today.

It's been raining for the last three days. At least, it changes the atmosphere; more relaxing air and not unbearable heat. I'll be going straight home after office. I hope rain will not catch me on the way.

Have a great weekend everyone! I had to prepare for my bros getaway to Baguio this weekend. Just wanna be sure he packs his bag right :p (big sister sort of thing). Mine did not push through :'( Poor Len.

~~Boy, I'm sleepy.~~

Thursday, March 30, 2006


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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My Wednesday

Take time and read this. It's nice. =)

Teeny and I are planning to have a getaway this weekend. I already told my father about it and he said it’s alright. I wish everything will turn out the way we planned it to be. In case it does—bwahahahahahah!!!!

Things are getting a bit slow back here. Not much has to be done in the office; practically because our too-many-activities for the month were dropped to a halt. Some technicalities arose and we had to cancel our scheduled activities. Nonetheless continuing deadlines for projects need to be met. The bulk of work no longer lies on us now—it’s up to our project head. Hope she finishes on time.

It’s been so hot lately. Well, last night it rained pretty hard but not long enough to quench the heat. It’s a little dim outside; maybe it’s gonna rain tonight, too.

Archie, my youngest bro, is going to Baguio this weekend. My cousin will bring him along. I hope he enjoys his time out. Jai and Tan will be left at home but will surely enjoy the weekend—hey, it’s the start of vacation. Classes are over. Thank God!

I’m actually busy transferring all my files to another CPU. It’s tiring for me. I don’t like moving files from one PC to another. It’s a waste of time. Actually, it’s the third time I’ll transfer, I guess. But I had no choice but to do it. Huh, if only this CPU would have a compatible soundcard to be installed, I wouldn’t want to transfer—again.

Still working on the transcription of memoir interviews. Hope to finish today.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The new cook

Tracing my background, I grew up in a home with good cooks. My grandma is the best there is, the best there was, and for me, the best there ever will be. I used to go with her to places whenever she’s invited on different occasions (and that’s hundred of times) to be the main chef and patisserie at the same time. I’ve seen how good she was, how everything was cut almost perfect—size, shape, etc.—equally and done in a way taste buds can’t resist. She is just so good; the effect in me was the reverse. I had fear holding knives thinking I cannot be good enough.

My parents are good cooks too, especially my father. He knows distinctly how to make something taste uniquely wonderful. My brothers are good cooks themselves. My youngest brother, now 18, does very well with rice cakes. My eldest sister is someone who seems to know all kinds of recipe. Even my two sisters-in-law are unbelievably great!

Growing up from this kind of environment actually was the reason I didn’t learn to cook. How pathetic. Everybody at home can do it, there’s no reason to waste time and ingredients having me in the kitchen, let them handle it. What I’m good at is preparing everything they would need—the huge cooking wares, the large stick, etc. (in our language, kawa, balanga, palayok, kaldero, kaserola, tikin, sandok na mahaba, kutsilyo, planggana, everything!.) and eventually cleaning up the mess they left after cooking. Nobody wants to do that. That’s where I get a chance to be in the kitchen. The cleaner. No doubt, they would all be looking for me after cooking scene is over.

Since I stayed in the apartment, almost a year now, I started to break that ignorance. My friends (there are three of us living together) and I had to cook for ourselves, like a family used to do. So, one by one, we learned to cook the food we wanted to eat. Sometimes we ask others the recipe and do it at home. The learning experience is really fun since there’s nobody to pressure us about the taste. I remember, when we were just making our first tries we have this creed: Everything that is cooked in this kitchen is delicious! Haha, and so we made ourselves believe that until now.

Today, I basically do most of the cooking in our home in the apartment. They say it’s good; I would usually bring some at lunch in the office and they would taste it. My boss even said it’s very good. What she’s telling me now is to learn how to present it well. And that’s the second part of my lesson. So far, my ‘grades’ in cooking is very satisfactory.

So what do you think, am I going to be like my ancestors? Hahaha! Well, see.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday madness!

To be honest, today is quite a dull day for me. I guess (hope) it’s still early for me to tell. Anyway, I started out leaving home at 5.30 this morning, hoping that I would be spared from the Monday madness of commuting. Unfortunately it didn't happen that way. I didn’t get a ride until almost 7.15am. Anyhow, I’m glad I had my ride, leaving swarm of commuters waiting for taxis and buses.

I’m madly drowsy on the way. Was planning to go by the apartment first but decided to head straight to office since it’s almost 8am. Made myself a cup of coffee but alas, the heater is not yet plugged in! Oh great!

There are only five of us URAs (University Research Associates) here. One, texted me and said she’s sick. My other pal, I don’t know why he’s not in yet. The two guys are in the outer side of the office (I’m actually in the inner room). I’m all alone here.

Well. It’s just 10.30am. Things will be different in a little while (I hope!). Still a long way to go for a Monday. I just wish to make my day productive.

(I’m working on student records, grades, etc. and a bunch of paper works that I don't really want to elaborate on ;P )

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Right now, the family is currently having financial difficulties. School expenses for my three siblings are on the hype. Bills are coming from all sides at the same time. There are other unexpected expenditures, too. But what I'm thankful about is, in spite all these, God has not stopped sending me peace. Actually, if my prayers will be averaged according to frequency, it’s Peace that’s on the top rank. And He has not failed to respond. That makes a world difference! Praise Him.

The best part is...I know He will provide. And I claim it. In Jesus' name.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pressed but not crushed.

I prayed this morning and received …

Cast all your burdens on the Lord; He will never let the righteous be moved.
- Psalm 55: 22.

A timely message from a friend. Thank You, Lord for Your response.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


I don’t know how to feel. Dapat sana masaya ako for my brother, pero bakit parang ang lungkot ko yata? Hehe, hindi lang siguro ko magkasya sa idea that I will be left behind. First time na magkakahiwalay kami. Yup. Ever since, we’ve been together. Iiwan na pala niya ako dito. Maybe that’s how things are gonna be, anyway.

Confused emotions, di ko talaga sure if I’m happy with what’s happening. Bahala na. I hope I’m not being selfish.

Mag-isa na ako dito.

Confirmed. Talagang mag-isa na ako dito.

Kinausap na ako about the application for the position. Nakakainis talaga, bakit kasi hindi pa ako nakapag-exam before? Now, I have to face the consequence. Lord, show me the way…

Hindi na ako makatrabaho nang matino because of the news—both.