Friday, September 21, 2007


Okay, probably this is the first time you’ll ever read about something like this here.

Yesterday, I went to interview our validee for the outstanding CEO award. I was back in the office around 3pm. Teeny’s Pastor will be coming over for dinner to pray about the house. I went to fetch her in her office (next building). As I waited downstairs, Sir Ben (Dean) came out and we had a short chat. As he was speaking, out came from the main door the (cutest!) young professor in the School. Boy, wasn’t he cuter than ever?! (sigh) He is known for being prim and proper, intelligent and very good-looking. He is very quiet, too. I should mention, he looked my way (maybe curious who the dean’s talking to) as he passed. Pwew! Even when Teeny and I came home, I could still remember that handsome face striding along the lobby. Teeny was so excited seeing my reaction; surprised with the idea that I was actually saying how cute the professor was. Until this morning, she’s not letting go of the subject. Haha. Anyhow, guess I got a little crush on him. (wide smile)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Counting blessings

The last few days has been filled with showers of blessings from the Lord. I rejoice and give all thanks and praises and honor to God! Amen.

- The Congress was done with flying colors! Yahoo!
- Birthday bash was a happy day!
- The PCNC report is done!
- My validation partner is a Christian!
- The MYF PLAY Seminar was so much fun!
- Today is the last day of field interview.
- I finished HEROES last night! Very Good series!
- God is so good to my family, especially to Tatay. Thank you, Lord.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


And so the world would know… finally.

Ang kasaysayan ng TIN

Sa hinaba-haba ng panahon;
Nagkaroon din ngayon!
Sa WAKAS!!!!