Sunday, December 30, 2007

At Home

23 December 2007

Christmas Sunday

It was a great day in Church. The worship was good. We had visitors from Sun Cellular which also sponsored a few parlor games for our Christmas Party. It was fun! A lot of us won in the raffle. Archie, Jai, Wally won P500-worth GCs from Robinsons. Jai and myself both won in the ‘Bring Me’ contest. Kuya Rene won the grand price of a brand new Nokia 1112. The Christmas Party proper was totally elating. We had so much fun. The youth presentation of “On My Own” was very good. The acrostic made by the mothers was equally wonderful. But of course, the youth won. Haha!

Another exciting part of the Christmas Sunday was our Best Hat Search. Everyone was asked to participate in the contest. Archie made a reindeer hat; Jai, a White Christmas; Tan, a Christmas Tree; Wally, a giant sock, Tatay made for himself a Filipino inspired hat with coconut skin, Ate wore an angel hat; while I had a trumpet style. Guess what? Archie won the first prize and Tatay brought home the second prize. It was really fun. Praise the Lord for a blessed day.

25 December 2007

Christmas Day

It’s Christmas Day! A few friends came over to visit. Kuya Edmon and Ate Jen brought here my goddaughter Erica. Several children dropped by. The biggest surprise is actually my nieces coming home from Tarlac. It was two Christmases ago when they last celebrated with us. You won’t believe how big they are now; especially Geng! She’s just a few inches short my height. So I guess they’ll stay here for the rest of the Christmas break.

One sad thing that happened during the season was that, Charlie, our dog, died on Dec. 19. We were really upset. But God is good. It’s time to say goodbye to Charlie.

26 December 2007

I was requested to cook for my Sis’ unofficial class reunion. It was A LOT of cooking! Thank God I survived with flying colors. I was asked to cook again the following day. Praise God the cell group said it was good. Hehe. Now I’m preparing myself for New Year’s Eve. My sisters already went to buy the ingredients. Looks like I will be the official holiday cook.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas
and a Blessed New Year!
God loves you and may His grace abound in you
and your homes today and always.
It was a great year filled with God's love and mercy....
Thank you, Lord!
Looking forward to a more exciting,
victorious year by God's grace!
All glory and honor and praise be unto Jesus,
our Lord and Savior. Amen.
Our God is an Awesome God!
Greetings! ~Pinay & Family

Monday, December 17, 2007

Back from the unknown

I can’t remember the last time I key-in a blog entry. An overused excuse is the undying “I’m busy” statement. Seriously, the first three public lectures were done; that’s really a relief. Thank God.

Unfortunately, I regret to blog about what happened today especially that it’s just a few days before Christmas. (Technically, we’ll be staying in campus until the 19th and thus off we enjoy the long holiday.). Anyway—

It was not a very exciting Monday morning coming to work today; I came at just a few minutes before lunch time. We were supposed to have a staff meeting at 10 am but my director decided to “delay” it. By the time I came to office, there’d been a glitch in the power supply of the entire building. The office was mainly ‘impaired’. With not much to do, my director casually talked about the plans in the office for the coming year. We all have home works so we can easily take off in January. One of the senior staff (excuse me, but perhaps I must mention that her attitude is better understood using the word “difficult”) who was out earlier came and instantly thought that the staff meeting went on without her and she was excluded from the planning. My boss was really very kind to her and tried her best to let our senior staff understand that we did not “betray” her at all (as she implies). The following events were very unhappy and really made us all upset—especially, in the spirit of Christmas. I couldn’t help but shed tears…

I hope that our senior officemate will open her heart and listen to reason after what had happened. Her fury was actually based on wrong assumption. And besides, is a good example of the idiom, 'a mountain out of a mole hill.' I really feel bad for her. Huh..

Needless to say, there are a lot of wonderful things that happened during my hiatus besides this sad incident. God is so good. He is good to me, to my siblings, to Tatay, to Teeny and Aidz, to my Pastor, to the church and to my friends… Actually, it’s harder to write all of them here. But I thank God for His grace and mercy. Again, He showed us His faithfulness.

My work has caused me to delay my Christmas preparations. I have until tomorrow to ready my gifts. But I haven’t even started yet. Tonight is the SURP Christmas Party; tomorrow, here, in the college. Lantern Parade will be on Wednesday, while Teeny’s birthday party (she was born on Dec.25) will be on Thursday night. It leaves me until Friday to go home and prepare for the church Christmas celebration.

All the cards I’m supposed to mail for Christmas will also be late—perhaps I should warn the recipients to expect them on Valentines’ Day instead. Huh.

I just want to say hi to my friends Sir Keith and Pastor Ben of Amadeo. I enjoy reading your entries.

An early Merry Christmas to all!