Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Little sisters could be cruel. Really.

My sister’s amusement; my demise.

My love life, or rather absence of such, is not an issue at home--at least, that's what I thought. Everyone acted oblivious of that fact and I'm perfectly fine with it. I prefer being the simple me, at home or outside, and I'm sure my family knows that. But little kids (for instance, a little sister aged 20) can be mischievous enough and do things that make afternoons at home interesting, to say the least. So this is what my baby sister cooked over the weekend.

She keeps on hinting that I was supposed to introduce 'someone' at home. This is the second time during the day already. Knowing our Dad, he would only be quiet but actually, he's listening to every single chat that my sister utters. We all KNOW that. And so he was a victim of my sister's funtime, and unfortunately, I happened to be the object of her amusement.

She kept saying that I will be introducing someone at home; winking at me on the side. And then she exclaimed, "Tatay, Ate's almost thirty, right?" And my good father replied, "Yes, I know that.' "She will be introducing someone to us soon. Do you know?" she insisted. " It's about time," he said. My sister grinned at me. "But you--you're still young for those things. You don't have any license to do so," he continued.

I was beyond shocked when I heard him. I shouted with all indignation, "Tatay, you're going to give me away just like that?! Seriously! I have no idea what Nene is talking about. She's making up stories and yet... I can't believe this! You're giving me away!” My sister was having the time of her life with my Tatay's reaction.

And that's one interesting afternoon at home. I'm sure my father really thinks there's someone out there he is supposed to meet. Heh.