Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Tale from the East

Yes, this is the title of my blog. How come? Basically because I’m from the East side of the world; somewhere in the South East Asian region. A tale, since it’s my story and stories of life and my everyday endeavors. Also, because I’m a story-teller and I love tales, no matter how out-of-this-world it might be.

Lastly, I like the sound of it altogether. And so the world would know....^^

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

YAY it's fixed!

I did it!
Haha! I figured out how to make the sidebar come up! Pwew!

Well, it is at the expense of one of my entries, though. I had to delete the entry I made last Nov 21. Anyhow, it made this look better, so adios!

I feel so accomplished today. Thanks to all those who tried to help. I sincerely appreciate. Thank you. God bless you.

Thanks, Ma’am.

Saying sorry can spare from a marred relationship. Thank God He didn’t let that happen between us. Not more than an hour after the previous post, things went out well. I said sorry and she took it well. She didn’t even expect me to be, just a reminder on her part. But I insisted and it made a world difference. We ate lunch together and had a great time.

Thank you Lord for making all things work out for good. I learned my lesson.

Am sorry

Though it is not all me to blame still, I’m responsible for the action. I’m sorry.
I should have been wiser in my judgment. Was just trying to help.
I’m sorry Ma’am.


Friday, November 25, 2005

Simply Amazing!

…that I can communicate with another person on the other side of the planet without leaving my chair.

No matter how much I understand the power of technology, it conspicuously leaves me in great wonder.

Naah, just being me.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

What’s wrong?

I have been wondering how I can make the side bar on this page go up. I made a reply on the comment on my previous post and accidentally made double posts. I deleted the other one and since then the sidebar went down. Does anybody know what to do? Please help! I tried republishing the entire blog thinking it will work but nada! Oh well..

Hope it gets fixed soon..

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A tiring day

Yes, I am so tired. I want to lie on my bed and stretch a little. Maybe take a nap.

At last, I'm done with one report. There are several others on the row. Lord, give me the strength and wisdom. And patience. Had to rush to the office this morning for the presentation of preliminary reports of the consultants of the project. When I got down from the meeting, I found a memo on my table from the Dean's office saying I'm a member of the Christmas Party Committee for the college. Great! Now what am I going to do? I'm not good at stuffs for social activities like this. Help!

Well, I got no choice. Hope the rest of the Committee mems will be creative enough... my fear: I'm the youngest in the group and probably (no, please!) the one they'll charge to find a theme and draft the program! Waaah!

Now need to finish transcribing the recommendations on the meeting. I hardly heard the presentation. I have poor notes now compared last time. That means, got to rely on the audio tape. I hope to finish soon. I must.

Looking forward to going to bed tonight.

Friday, November 18, 2005


It’s Friday! Time to go home…
I have a lot of activities waiting for me this weekend…

Quote from my twin (friend):

It is the heart that makes a woman pretty. She is beautiful according to what she is, not according to what she has. Hello to one of the prettiest woman I know.”

That’s lovely. Thanks Arlyn.

Bye everyone. Hope you enjoy your weekend! See you! =D

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Came to the office at 6:45 this morning. But I got inside only at 7AM. It’s 2PM and I’ve been sitting here, facing my computer, for the last six hours. I feel guilty being sleepy but that’s the truth. My body’s tired. I went home (in the province) last night and had to leave at dawn going back to make sure I catch up on time for work. Now, I had to bear the consequence of lacking rest. Huh….

It’s a gloomy sky outside (which adds to the sleepy state). My window is overlooking the trees and lawn. It’s relaxing to stare at them. At least, to lessen the pressure at work.

Most of the “Mariposa” (big butterflies) in the atrium had left. There are some which are still inside their cocoon. A few others hang on the leaves and branches of the Santol tree. It’s cute to see them wiggling/shaking their cocoons trying to come out. I can imagine a theme song for this, “I’m coming out! I want the world to see….”

Time will pass quickly. Before I know it, it’s time to go. I have to finish my work. There are still a lot to produce…it’s mind boggling! I wish I’ll have a restful night ahead of me.

Things of note:

Tonight, MMK--Maalaala Mo Kaya (Do You Recall) will air a special story on one of the biggest Qs on Philippine TV today: Sino si Max? (Who's Max?). It's about the name being used by one of the biggest Restaurants in the country--Max's (Fried Chicken). How did they come up with the name? I got the feeling it's not really the owner's name. My guess is, it's an employee, maybe the chef, as i heard my brother say once. Anyhow, I marked the calendar--November 17, to watch out for the revelation.

Also, it's Sir Vicmar's birthday. We love him. He's been a very good thesis adviser and mentor to us back in college. Happy birthday Sir!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

> siGh <

am so busy...tired.

-- have to go home tonight --

Monday, November 14, 2005


Got to be in the staff training by 6pm... time to go!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Another weekend approaching…

Retire from work. Head for home. Go to church. Disciple the youth. Meet the core. Ahh…so much to do!

Enjoy time with my father and siblings….Thank God it’s Friday.

Have a great time every one!


I had the best message received last night. It made my day. Just a single word but meant a lot. DACO. That’s my father’s name. He made his first text message ever! Finally, after so long! Ha ha ha …. He belongs to the primeval world. LOL.

Grabe, Tay, marunong nang mag-text! Bwahaha! LOL.

Galing mo, Tay!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

today's reflection

James 2:22
"Do you not see that faith was working together with his works, and by works faith was made perfect?"

How many times have I been guilty of this? No matter what excuse is made, we are all being watched by the world around. 'Walk the faith' as been said in the little book. Every believer should.

May I claim victory everyday!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sshh...secret identity!

I realize the name Pinay has [now] become my [secret] identity. It’s not my real name, but a slang term short for Filipina. Nonetheless, Pinay had managed to become ‘me’ more and more each day. Anyway, I’m quite comfortable with it. I guess that’s what I get from using a pseudonym—religiously.

Mayumi. Marangal. Mapagkalinga. Ganyan ang Pilipina.

If ever I use another name, that would definitely be Mayumi. But I’m settled with Pinay.

Wonder what the itals above stand for? Let’s see. Here’s what’s on-top-of-my-head-at-the-moment translation:

Meek. Dignified. Caring. Filipina nature.

Haha! My friends will roar in laughter when they learn about this page… it’s secret anyway. ^-^

I enjoy blogging so far.


Now, where did that clock on this page go? It's supposed to be right below the Archives Section. What happened? Vanished? Hmmm....


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

November 7th

Hehe…have missed updating here for awhile…
After so many attempts, my computer is finally working…cost me to remove a few programs. Yet again, there’s another problem: I cannot connect to the server! LAN is said to be unplugged. I checked the connections but still, it just won’t work. This computer is really bugging me.
I enjoyed another long, fun Sunday at church. The worship was blissful and umm… I led the Bible Study. The theme for this month is “the end of days” which led me to tackle on Christ’s Second Coming. Pretty tough subject to undertake. I based my texts in the books of Matthew, Second Peter, and John. Basically, we studied Matthew Chapter 24.

Sunday afternoon, one my churchmates, Ronn, [whom I always referred to as ‘youngest’ --he’s a very shy young man] led the Bible study in the youth fellowship. His subject dealt on anger & anger management. Very practical. We then shared personal experiences/situations that triggered this emotion. That afternoon was fruitful and I see that everyone should be reminded how to behave during such times. Plus, these kids made me tell my high school tale with my bestfriend, when I was ‘victimized in a set-up’. They were all wide-eyed as I recall the experience. But the lesson is clear; they should check their motives and let God deal on the matter. He is a Just God anyway.

At the later hour of the day, I got to enjoy a wonderful and plainly fun time with the little children nearby church. We played the school-set-up-type enacting a usual flag ceremony scenario. They are lovely! Those tiny kids (as young as two years old!) singing the anthem was just overwhelming. We then had a few games (can’t believe these children can actually organize themselves when it comes to game dynamics!) until almost pass 6PM. Even the elders and youth in church did not spare the fun going on among the kids.

It was a great time. I can almost forget the needle marks on my arms I suffered the other day from another vaccine schedule.



The following entries are long overdue. I fail to find time posting them. [or should I manipulate the dates, instead?...hehehe]

[titles suggest the dates, anyway];P